International Brotherhood
of Electrical Workers
International Brotherhood
of Electrical Workers

 We are planning on having the August 6, 2020 Union Meeting. 

Please Do Not Attend: 

  1. If you are not feeling well, or have any of Covid-19 symptoms.  
  2. If you do not feel comfortable being in close proximity to people. 
  3. If you have any underling medical conditions. 
  4. If you have been to any Covid-19 hot spots in the last 14 days.

 We will be doing just essential Union operations, and there will be no congregating before or after the meeting. Masks and hand sanitizer will be available. No refreshments will be served.


The "window" at the Union Hall remains CLOSED until August 1, 2020. We are still here in the office to answer any questions or concerns that you may have during regular business hours, but you will not be able to enter the Union Hall.

If you come to the Union Hall to sign the book, there are slips to be filled out in the gray box and then you can drop it in the black box on the side of the door.

If you are here to pay your dues, drop it in the black box, if you need an envelope they are in the gray box. If you need change we will mail it to you. WE WILL NOT BE OPENING THE DOOR TO TAKE YOUR DUES OR GIVE YOU CHANGE. The box is checked multiple times a day.

You may also mail in your union dues and we will mail you your dues receipt.

We apologize for any disruption to your plans, however protecting the health and safety of IBEW members is of great importance. With that in mind, please continue to practice precautions such as washing hands frequently, covering nose and mouth when coughing, and avoiding close contact with people showing symptoms.


Have This Information Ready To Apply for Unemployment Benefits:   

 Applying for unemployment benefits is smoother and faster when you have essential information in-hand. The information you provide will be used to determine your eligibility for Unemployment Insurance benefits.  It is important that your information is accurate and complete for all questions asked. The law provides penalties for withholding information or making false statements to obtain benefits.

  • A username and password for filing online*
  • A valid email or mobile number
  • Your social security number *
  • Your Wisconsin driver license or identification number
  • Your work history for the last 18 months:
    • Employers' business names
    • Employers' addresses (including zip code)
    • Employers' phone number
    • First and last dates of work with each employer
    • Reason no longer working with each employer
  • If not a U.S. citizen, your alien registration number, document number and expiration date
  • Form DD-214 (Member 4 copy), if you served in the military in the last 18 months
  • Form SF-50 or SF-8, if you are a federal civilian employee
  • If you are a union member, the name and local number of your union hall
  • Your current address. You need a valid mailing address to receive important documents about your claim. Make sure you have notified your post office of any recent changes to your address.

*Your username and password (referred to as security credentials) and your social security number will be used to identify you and must be used when accessing your account. Do not give your security credentials to ANYONE.

Here is the website to apply for unemployment:


Applying for Supplemental Unemployment Benefit (SUB) Account

Please submit the following documents with your application:

  1. W-4 pages one and two. Please complete the form in its entirety. THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE PUBLICATION 15-A, EMPLOYERS SUPPLEMENTAL TAX GUIDE, state that withholding on taxable SUB payments must be based on the participant’s form W-4 withholding certificate.
  2. An unemployment compensation receipt or stub issued by the WI Unemployment Department or other similar State unemployment compensation program for the affected week.
  3. A lay-off slip/Termination Notice OR a letter from your Employer stating that you have been Temporarily Involuntarily Terminated (with the effective date of termination) 

The Sub Account application and W-4 form can be found on WEEBF webpage under FORMS

IBEW, NECA Sign National Agreement in Response to COVID-19

March 17, 2020

 The uncertainty surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has been deeply unsettling to nearly every industry, and the IBEW and its partners at the National Electrical Contractors Association have signed an emergency agreement to help construction workers and contractors navigate these turbulent times.

Effective March 16, the NECA/IBEW National Disease Emergency Response Agreement provides for the following:

    • If an employee:
      • Reports having contact with another person(s) who has reasonably believed to have contracted coronavirus or a similar disease
      • Has recently returned from a “High-Risk Country” as defined by the Center for Disease Control (CDC); or
      • Presents symptoms associated with the coronavirus or similar disease as defined by the CDC;

The employer shall be permitted to remove the employee from the jobsite and require the employee to obtain a doctor’s release certifying the employee is able to return to work;

    • If an employee is confirmed to have coronavirus or similar disease, the employer shall notify all employees who were believed to be in contact with this individual and take actions consistent with appropriate protocols to prevent the further spread of the disease;
    • If an employee reasonably believes another employee(s) has met one or more of the above conditions, the employee shall report such as soon as reasonably possible. The employer shall then follow all appropriate guidance and protocols to ensure a safe jobsite;
    • There shall be no adverse action taken against an employee who refuses to be present at a jobsite so long as the employee believes there is imminent danger and a reasonable person would agree there is real danger of contracting coronavirus at the jobsite;
    • There shall be no adverse action taken against an employee who has been quarantined, or advised to self-quarantine, due to possible exposure to coronavirus;
    • In the event access to a jobsite is restricted or denied by the employer or other appropriate public or private authority in response to the coronavirus or similar disease, the employer shall be permitted to temporarily furlough the employees assigned to this jobsite;
    • The employer shall not contest any unemployment claims filed by employees temporarily furloughed as a result of a restricted or closed jobsite due to the coronavirus or similar disease, or who have refused to be present at the jobsite out of a genuine belief that being present would place them in imminent danger of contracting coronavirus, or who have been quarantined, or advised to self-quarantine, due to possible exposure to coronavirus; and
    • Such employees shall be permitted to return to their original positions with their employer upon the resumption of work on the jobsite, and/or their ability to return, without the need of the referral process, and irrespective of whether such employees have signed their local union’s out-of-work list.

“We understand the anxiety and uncertainty all of our members and contractors are feeling right now, and we hope this agreement provides a measure of stability as we face this new reality,” said International President Lonnie R. Stephenson.

“Beating any public health emergency like COVID-19 requires all of us to make sacrifices, but being a part of a union means we make these tough decisions with our employers and don’t have them forced on us,” he said. “We’ll reevaluate this agreement every 30 days and keep you updated as we move forward.

“In the meantime, follow CDC guidelines, take your safety and the safety of your families and co-workers seriously, and know that we will get through this and come out stronger on the other side.”

The National Disease Emergency Reponse Agreement applies to U.S. construction locals and firms who have signed a Letter of Assent to be bound to a construction agreement between any chapter of NECA and any local union of the IBEW.


 2020 Dues Rate
$129 quarterly
$258 6 months
$516 year

The Dues Incentive for paying your dues in full for the whole year will be a Kwik Trip $20 gift card.

Dues are due by the end of the month for the next quarter, we only take dues quarterly, semi-quarterly and yearly which ever works best for you. 
Jan – Mar  due December 31
Apr – Jun due March 31
Jul – Sep due June 30
Oct  - Nov due September 30

 WE ARE GETTING A LOT OF RETURNED MAIL!!! It is your responsibility to keep the Union Hall current with your address and phone number. We have also started sending out notices by email. If you would like to get on the email list, please email Kathy at

   You are NOT able to sign in under the Members Login yet but we are working on that.

 UNION MEETINGS are held at the Union Hall, first Thursday of every month




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